How to Part Your Hair: The Expert Guide

It can be fun and easy to change up your look by moving your hair part, without having to commit to dyes, colors, haircuts, or harsh treatments. People usually already have a natural parting in their hairline. It’s the place where their hair naturally falls on either side of their head. The never-ending question is which part of picking and how - side part, middle part, side part vs. middle part. Finding the natural part in your hair may be easy, but it’s not always as easy to find the best location to place it if you’re changing your hair.

Two friends with center hair parts.

You might want to consider changing up your part depending on the shape of your face, your desired style, and the texture of your hair. Learn how to find and create a flattering part from this in-depth guide. Read on for more tips and tricks on how to part your hair and what’s the most flattering hair part for your face shape.  

How To Find Your Natural Hair Part? 

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Do you already know where your natural hair parts are? Fear not! We can point you in the right direction! It’s the easiest thing to do. With a wide-tooth comb, comb back your hair away from your face after you wash it with our Biotera® salon-proven haircare. Next, gently touch and move the hair on the top of your head and push forward with your fingers. Your hair will automatically part in a particular direction. That’s your natural part. A rat tail fine-tooth comb can be your best friend when finding your hair part. With the pointy edge, it is easy to create more definition on the side of your hair parting, moving every little single hair in the direction you want the part. In the end, you can get a more defined part, whether you have curled, straight, limp, or thick hair. 

How do I choose? Side part vs. middle part.

If you’re looking to change up your look a little bit, changing up your natural part is a great idea. If you have worn your hair one way for a long time, you will need to be patient and re-teach your hair to grow and lay in the direction you desire. It can be fun to experiment with side parts, deep side parts, and middle parts. Aside from elegant and romantic shoulder-length hairstyles, side parts also go well with shorter messy locks that can be worn asymmetrically for a casual, flirty look. 

On the other hand, if your hair parts are in the middle naturally because of a cowlick, it might not stay in place the first few times you try to side part. The trick is to use Biotera® styling products to help keep it in place. With a few hair tricks at your disposal, you can change up your part effortlessly. We all have a natural part that follows our hair growth pattern. After you have prepared your hair with our Biotera® shampoo and conditioners, apply the Biotera® Alcohol-Free Defining Gel or Mousse to your hair while it is still wet. To reinforce your part, blow-dry it in the same direction that you positioned it. To hold your hair in place, spray some Biotera® Finishing Spritz on it when it is dry. It may take a few days for your hair to become familiar with a new part.

How to achieve the perfect middle part.

It’s super trendy to have deep side parts and a middle part. However, they aren’t always natural-looking if you don’t style them well. By combing your hair away from your face with a wide-tooth comb, you can create any kind of part you want. This allows you to choose from multiple parts. Once you have chosen one, align the comb on each side and comb downwards.

If you need a more natural look downing a middle part, you can go just a smidge off-center and about a half-inch on either side of the center. With a middle part, there are a number of cute looks you can wear based on your face shape. Heart or round-shaped faces can experiment with long bangs, long layered haircuts, or even a shag style haircut with a middle part. Layered lob haircuts are best suited for women who have longer more oblong faces. An oval-faced woman can wear a middle part with ease if her hair is sleek and straight or framed by layers. 

How to achieve the perfect side part.

Need to get the perfect side part? Grab those hair styling tools and a comb. Side parts can be created in the same manner as the middle part. Using a wide-toothed comb, you should still brush your hair straight back away from your face. The trick to creating a side part is that you need to slightly tilt your head to one side while combing your hair back. This is essential to make sure the area where the side part is formed is aligned to the topmost point on your head. A more youthful and fun way to side part your hair is to do a diagonal part or a messy zig-zag side part, which can add a little flair to your hairstyle, even if you just pulled it back into a ponytail.

How to make a deep side part.

If you usually go for a side part, try going a bit deeper with your side part line, maybe an inch. Starting at the outer corner of the eye to align your side part will result in a deeper side part. With a rattail comb create a line and part the hair on either side. Because more than half of your hair is piled across the top of your head, a deep side part gives your hair more volume. That’s why a deep side part is a great choice if you’re looking for a large and luscious look complete with blingy hair accessories.

What’s the most flattering hair part for the face shape?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing to have a middle or side part is the shape and size of your face. A lot of different types of parted hairstyles can change the perception of your face shape, so there is no rulebook to follow on how you part your hair. But here are a few general guidelines to keep in mind when choosing the most flattering hair part for the face shape.

For Round Heart-Shaped Face

Round-shaped faces look great with bangs, a deep side part, and they can also pull off a middle part. The best way to create volume in harmony with round face features is to add layers to your haircut.

For Boxy Square Face

Women who have slightly boxy squared faces can rock both a side part and a middle part. A square-shaped face can benefit from a side parting, which frames a squared-off forehead and sharp jawline, while middle-parted hair frames a wider forehead, balancing a prominent jawline with a narrow forehead.

For Oblong Face

An oblong long face looks best with curtain bangs, center-parted ponytails, and long layers that are textured. When you have a long oval face shape, the best way to enhance the frame is to do a slightly angled part and a middle part that accentuates the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. If you’re wondering how to part your hair with bangs, we’ve got you! Bangs have a tendency to part in the middle. This can be because you have a cowlick or they’re not heavy enough. To texturize your bangs, add a bit of Biotera® Styling Mousse and then blow dry it with a round brush. 

Best parts for curly hair

For all the curly girls out there, you already know that different hair types are paired with various parts. If you have naturally curly hair, you’ll always look great when your hair falls in the direction of its natural growth. That’s why curly hair does not require you to create a definitive middle or side part. But if you love to play, you can do these instead. Hair accessories are your best bet! You can always secure your deep side part with tiny barrettes. These accessories come in a variety of styles and designs to suit any look, from sleek, simple ones to colorful blingy ones. 

How to style a middle part

Woman with center hair part in low ponytail.

Do you want a more polished, sleek appearance with the middle part? Apply Biotera ® Ultra-Moisturizing Leave-In Treatment and Styling Mousse to clean, damp hair - so you can prepare your hair to part easily. Next, part your hair in the middle before slicking it back with some Biotera ® Defining Gel to add an edge before tying it up in a slick ponytail. To complete the look, you can combine your natural ponytail with a clip-in ponytail and add more curls to your ponytail for more volume. 

Get the style you want with Zotos Professional

Playing with your hair can be a lot of fun! Once you’ve got a grip on how to identify your natural hair part and how to style to get the look you want, you’re ready to experiment with different hairstyles. By changing your hair part from the right to the left side, or by slicing it down the middle, you can achieve a totally new look for your hair. Speak with our hair expert to find the optimal style and products to suit your hair type. Zotos Professional has been helping make hair dreams happen at home since 1929. Our stylists are always here to answer questions. You can speak with one of our stylists using the live chat feature on our website. Sign up for our email list to receive updates on new products and hair tips. Be a part of the community on social media and discover new hairstyles every day.