Hairstyles for Women over 50

Only two decades ago, women shied away from 50 like it was a dark family secret. But now, it's the new 25. J-Lo is 52. Naomi Campbell? 51. Cindy Crawford is 54. And the queen Iman? 67, if you can even believe it!

Turning 50 is something to celebrate, not dread. What better way to mark living half a fabulous century than with a new hairstyle to ring in the next decade? 

When it comes to choosing a new look, you have two options. You can embrace your natural graying hair or opt for a new color. For length, anything goes! Keep it short, go for a crop, or embrace the classic beauty of long locks.

Because gray hair does cause texture changes, you may have to work around this while selecting a new style. No one wants to rock the typical grandma bouffant, but cutting graying hair too short could result in that style unintentionally. 

Our point is, 50 is fab, and you can make the best of it by selecting a new style that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and bold. Here are our top picks for the best haircuts for women over 50. 

Simply put, they embraced how their hair may have changed and a super flattering do'.

Understanding Hair in Your 50s


As you age, your hair will naturally lose its pigment and begin to gray. During this time, you may also notice significant changes to its texture. Once soft and silky hair can take on a course, wiry feel that lacks shine and brilliance. 

This can cause your usual 'do to suddenly appear frayed, frizzy, and completely underwhelming no matter how many products you apply.

Many women over 50 also experience hair thinning, which leads to a decrease in volume, possible receding hairlines, and even some noticeable thinning that can shake their confidence. 

First and foremost, you need to find products that will nourish your hair as it is now. Trying to care for your 50-year-old self with products marketed toward 20-somethings will leave you needlessly frustrated. Instead, look for lines that make mature women feel as beautiful as they are, like the AGEBeautiful line. 

The good news is that even if you're struggling to restore your hair confidence, you can find great haircuts for women over 50 that are easy to style, look amazing, and will have you feeling more beautiful than ever. 

Modern Haircuts for Women Over 50


There are lots of options to consider as you embrace your look in your 50s. Haircut styles for women over 50 can be soft and demure or border on edgy with sharp angles and bright hues. For many women, layered haircuts add depth and create volume in their hair, even if it's begun to thin from graying.

Think about your face shape, preferred styling time and upkeep. Do you mind regular salon visits, or would you prefer a 'do that's easier to maintain on your own? If you're embracing all the grays, then there are different hairstyles that will help you stay stylish while working with a coarse texture. 

If you're set on growing out gray hair, then you'll need the right shampoo and conditioner to ensure it's always moisturized and as soft as possible. Regular trimmings will be mandatory to avoid splitting and broken hair shafts.

There are plenty of modern styles that incorporate the latest trends, like wavy curtain bangs, warm chocolate and caramel tones, and all-natural curls. You can work with your stylist to decide which style will not only compliment your face the most, but which look helps suit your age and personal tastes. 

You're never too old to try something new, and don't let 50 stop you from being adventurous in beauty. If anything, you're at a point where you are able to pull off more looks than ever. You can also have a stylist teach you the best way to modify certain trendy looks to be more refined and mature.

Short Haircuts for Women Over 50


There are a variety of short styles you can try that are fun, feisty, and full of personality. For example, pixie haircuts for women over 50 tend to bring all the sass and style in one package. They're great for women who have naturally curly hair, or those who want to embrace the waviness or curling of their grays. 

Pixie cuts should be respective to your face shape, so if you have a strong jaw or square-shape face, a longer 'do may be more flattering. Pixie cuts tend to emphasize sharp features, but this can be too stark if your face is naturally angular with prominent features. 

If a layered pixie cut is too short for you, why not look into a medium-length bob? This can be further accentuated with wispy bangs that add a delicate frame to your face. For those who like a retro style, a rounded bob works wonders with wavy locks and plays into the vintage resurgence sweeping through the beauty industry. 

Shag haircuts for women over 50 are also majorly in right now. A shaggy style is hip but casual, and it can be a great style whether your style leans more toward Farrah Fawcett or Joan Jett. 

You can even combine the two and rock a short pixie shag that's super chic and youthful. Shag haircuts carry a choppy, I-woke-up-like-this energy that's irresistibly cool.

Prefer something more polished? Look into shoulder-length haircuts or bob haircuts for women over 50 with tapered edges. An A-line or angled bob with layers are easy to maintain but still look put-together and stylish. 

Medium Haircuts for Women Over 50

woman over 50 with medium haircut

Shoulder-length haircuts and beyond all look great on women in their 50s. If you sported longer locks throughout your youth, maybe it's time to snip off a few inches? For those whose hair has gone gray and dry, removing several inches can actually promote healthier growth. 

Medium length haircuts are also great if you want some face-slimming styles. These can narrow your face while emphasizing your beautiful eyes and cheekbones. 

One option to consider is going blonde or a lighter caramel hue. If you've gone completely gray at this point, lighter colors will be easier to maintain and last longer than their darker counterparts. Plus, you may have never played around with such bright tones. Maybe it's time to discover if blondes really do have more fun.

Medium haircuts for women over 50 do best with layers and softer edges. Avoid any heavy bangs, opting instead for an ethereal, wispy cut that's elegant and natural. Women in their 50s often love to sport bangs because they add a youthful air to their look.

Just remember that bangs, waves, or curls, your hairstyle in your 50s isn't about hiding how old you are. Being 50 is beautiful, and your haircut should showcase that. Like wine, you only get better with age. 

Haircuts for Women Over 50 With Thick Hair


Thick hair may have felt like a curse when you were younger if it tended to get frizzy. But in your 50s, all that extra volume will work wonders. Thick hair works particularly well in layered haircuts. It's easy to maintain, and you can play up your natural volume to achieve a full, eye-catching appearance without too much effort. 

However, thick hair may begin to feel overwhelming if it's all one length or too long for your face shape. Stick to the shoulders and up when it comes to haircuts. Layers add movement, but length creates depth. Ironically, shorter 'dos may appear fuller than longer ones, no matter how healthy your hair is. 

Bobs can also be fun for thick hair, but avoid heavy stacking that can make your haircut appear too broad or wide for your face. 

If you're not feeling the shorter styles, you may opt for a long bob, or lob. The lob is the trendiest shoulder-length haircut at the moment. It's full of style and grace, and it looks awesome if you like to keep your hair one length. Adding some side bangs or a thin fringe to the front can add some volume without requiring you to maintain too many layers.

Tips for Styling Hair Over 50


Women in their 50s need a dedicated hair routine that respects their age and beauty. You've probably tried dozens of beauty trends and fads over the years, but have you taken the time to identify exactly what you need at this stage of your life?

Unfortunately, there are still far too few products and beauty lines that showcase the beauty of women 50 and older. This means you're often shown products and styles that are built around the 20-something or average 30-year-old's idea of beautiful. 

As you get older, your face will lose its elasticity. While Botox may be your best friend, there's also nothing wrong with accepting the softer lines. What matters most is choosing a hairstyle and products that make you feel and look great. 

Play With Texture

Adding texture to your hairstyle after 50 makes you look more youthful and refreshed. Without it, hair may appear too thin or flat. The best haircuts for women with fine hair play with texture and layers to provide depth and fullness. 

Don't Shy Away From Shorter Cuts

You may not have felt like you could rock a short bob or pixie cut in your younger years, but the 50s are all about trying new things! While you'll see a slew of stylists saying shortness creates fullness, that's not all it's for! Short looks are easier to maintain, and they may make you feel younger than a longer style that you've sported for decades. 

Add Bangs or a New Part


Long hair still looks amazing after 50, but it can fall flat if your hair is thinning or gotten duller from graying. In addition to giving it a boost with the right products (hello again, AGEBeautiful), you can incorporate bangs or a side part for an updated look. 

Modern haircuts for women over 50 avoid the middle part, as this can create a harsh emphasis on the face that is unflattering. Going slightly off-center will add a natural flow and build volume. 

Try Extensions

If your hair is thinner and you still want to rock a long hairstyle, why not explore the wonderful world of hair extensions? They're not nearly as much work as you may think, and they can instantly restore your hair's lost volume.

A stylist can tell you how many extensions would work for your target style, and they'll even color match your natural hair so it blends effortlessly with your new strands.

Don't Forget the Basics

While you may be caught up in finding the right look, don't forget that nothing is more beautiful than healthy hair. Routine trimmings, the right shampoo, and using heat-protectant whenever you curl or straighten your hair is essential at any age. 


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