How to Organize Your Bathroom Vanity

Getting glam takes work, and you’re likely proud of the collection of your fave cosmetics and hair products that you’ve amassed over the years. 

But with so many hairbrushes, combs, accessories, and products, your bathroom counter can quickly begin to look more like a flea market booth than a vanity.

Spring is the perfect time to embrace newness in our lives, and that includes giving our most-used spaces some organizational makeovers!

If you’re wondering how to organize a bathroom vanity, how to clean up your shower, or general bathroom organization tips, we’ve got you covered. This is your how-to guide on how to organize your bathroom vanity and enjoy a salon-worthy layout at home.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

How to Organize a Bathroom Counter

Take Inventory

First things first, what really belongs here? Move any items that have found their way into your bathroom from other parts of your home. You can simplify this process by getting a basket or bin and collecting everything that doesn’t need to be on your vanity. Worry about putting those back in their proper place later. 

Now, we have to fully assess what’s going on in our beauty collection. First, start by breaking up items by category. Move all the eyeshadows to one section, your palettes to another, hair products to their own section, etc. Once you’ve got that sorted, it’s time to check each product’s packaging.

Sort, Save, Organize, and Tidy Up

Assess the physical quality of each product first. If it’s nearly empty, broken, or otherwise damaged, toss it. If not, check its expiration date. The expiration date for your shampoo and cosmetics will likely be on the back of the bottle. Look for a small symbol that looks like an open container. The number + M on this will indicate how long a product is good for after opening it. 

For example, if your dry hair shampoo says 12 M on its little container, then that means it’s best to use it within 12 months after you first open the product. If you can’t identify the expiration date on a product’s packaging, then check for any strange smells or changes in consistency. If there is an odor or changes to the product, e.g. discoloration or texture differences, it’s best to throw it away.  

Next, clear off your countertop and give it a thorough wipe-down. A cup of warm water and ½ cup vinegar make an excellent cleaning solution. You can also use sanitizing wipes or your preferred household cleaner. 

Divide Your Drawers

Drawer dividers are perfect for easy beauty product storage. They’re simple to place, easy to move when you’re cleaning up, and keep all your staples organized and within reach. You can buy drawer dividers online for cheap, and they come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your aesthetic. 

Make sure that you prioritize your levels, too. Drawer organization works best when you use a top-down approach. That is, put the things you use every day in the first drawer, so they’re always accessible. Move things that you occasionally use to the second and leave the third drawer for items you enjoy but don’t use regularly. 

Use Cabinet Doors

Leave no space unturned as you decide how to organize your bathroom vanity drawer. The inside of cabinets can also provide ample room that not only looks sleek but frees up shelf space. 

A magnetic memo board with attachable holders can be a simple way to organize all your brushes and smaller beauty products. Over-the-cabinet hangers are also perfect for decluttering your bathroom and optimizing hair dryer storage.

Magnetic boards are also a great way to keep hair clips and bobby pins in order. Just be mindful of any equipment you use; you shouldn’t apply your hairdryer, straightener, or curler to a magnetic surface as it can damage its internal hardware. 

If you want wall-mounted hairdryer storage, make sure that you choose a mount specifically designed to hold your dryer in place safely.

Use Adhesive Hooks

Many brushes and hair styling equipment come with little holes at their base for easy storage. Adhesive hooks, like the ones you use to hang coats, are actually useful to help organize in many other parts of the home.

When exploring beauty product storage, always choose options that are the least destructive. It’s much easier to peel and stick a hanger than drill a hole and damage your wall or cabinetry. 

Organize Products in Bins

Use plastic bins or deep organizers to separate under-the-cabinet items by category. For example, when it comes to hair product storage, put your unused shampoos and conditioners in one section and styling products in another. This will help free up space and keep all your must-haves in order for zero hassle. 

The same goes for your makeup, too. Lip products can be sorted into one bin while eyeshadows go in another, followed by any concealers, foundations, primers, and the like. 

Make Your Own Shower Caddy

You can splurge on a fancy caddy if that’s your thing, but you can make a stylish DIY shower caddy, too! 

To pull this off, get a tension rod that fits the length of your shower or tub. Hang it so it’s slightly above eye-level for easy access. 

Next, attach some shower curtain hooks to some metal hanging baskets. Plastic ones will work too, and you can even choose multi-color ones for different household members.

Give the tension rod a pull to ensure it’s secured, then hang the baskets from it. Add your items to their respective spots, and now you have more space and plenty of hair product storage in your shower! 

Add Some Final Touches to Your Vanity

Now that your bathroom vanity is organized, why not give it a dash of glamor and style? 

A matching bathroom accessory set can instantly add some refinement to your space. Think clear or marble toothbrush holders with a matching soap bottle that has a gold or silver top. 

A recessed tray can also provide surface-level organization to keep your essentials in one place. Consider some finishing touches, like a scented candle, new hand towels, and a fluffy bathmat to tie everything together. 

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