How to Create a Flower Braid

1) Start with hair fully brushed through - you'll just need some elastics, bobby pins, and some flowers of your choice.

My shower essentials are the Biotera Natural Origins Nurture line for keeping my hair nurtured!

2) First, we will create a Dutch braid. Grab a section of hair at the front of your head and split it into three parts. Cross the outside right section under the middle, and then the left outside section under the middle.

3) Add a little hair into both outside sections and again, cross each one under the middle section. Continue this pattern all the way down to the top of the neck, until you run out of hair to add in. At this point, use an elastic to secure the braid, leaving a ponytail.

4) Take a moment to pull out the braid, making it look big and voluminous.

5) With the ponytail we'll create a pull through braid. Split the ponytail into a top and bottom section. Let the bottom section hang & split the top one into two side by side pieces. Wrap those two pieces around the bottom one, securing them with an elastic underneath.

6) Keep repeating this all the way down until you run out of hair. Again, take a second to pull out the braid to create a bigger braid.

7) Grab your flowers & cut the top off each one, leaving a little stem. I always find it easier for the flowers to stay when you stick the stem into the braid, and then secure it with a bobby pin.

8) Have fun and create whatever pattern your heart desires! Happy May!