Zotos - a history of innovationZotos - a history of innovation

Zotos International was incorporated in New York City in 1929. Their revolutionary discovery, controlled chemical heat, gave way to the machine-less permanent wave. Since it used no electricity, it was both safer and more comfortable. Previously, machines with electrified rods curled a woman’s hair.

This pivotal development served to free operators from handling clumsy and time consuming machines and allowed them to achieve new levels of creativity and enhanced the status of the ‘hairdresser.’

It all began in 1929 when Zotos International was incorporated in New York City and we introduced our first revolutionary innovation: the machine-less permanent wave. Since it used no electricity, this new permanent wave was both safer and more comfortable for women and their stylists who previously used machines with electrified rods to curl their hair. Our innovations continued with the discovery of cold waving in the 1940’s, and exothermic and acid waves in the 1970’s.

In 1988, our company became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shiseido Company, Ltd, one of the world’s largest cosmetic companies. The Shiseido Group maintains operations in over 100 countries and has annual sales over $7 billion (as of May, 2013).

The acquisition by Shiseido led to significant hair care collaborations such as the launch of Senscience which leveraged the latest scientific advancements from Shiseido in its high-tech formula. It also allowed us to grow rapidly by acquiring the professional product division of Helene Curtis, Inc., which included such brands as ISO, Quantum, Naturelle and Design Freedom. In 2002, we acquired Joico and added to our portfolio of premium, exclusive salon brands.

Today, Zotos is one of the leading and fastest-growing professional beauty companies. We own over 80 brands and sell our products all over the world. We have offices in the U.S, Canada and Europe. We manufacture our products in Geneva, NY in an ISO- and CGMP-certified facility where continuous eco-initiatives are underway. Our products are not only made in the USA, but also made in one of the “greenest” manufacturing plants in the professional beauty industry. Please see Our ECOmmitment to learn more.